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Punctuation. Related articles can be found in Spelling, English Vocabulary and Editing and Style.

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The semicolon is a valuable ingredient in any recipe. With a dash of this super-comma, you'll add that zesty flavor that every delectable paper needs.


  1. Write one complete statement. This is your independent clause.
  2. Write another complete statement that relates to the first.
  3. Place the semicolon right after the last word of the first statement. The second statement follows immediately after the first. The semicolon joins the two statements together.
  4. Semicolons are used to bring two separate but closely related statements together into one complete sentence. It can either join two sentences into one, or may be used as a super-comma in a complicated list.
  5. Also, use semi colons to connect items in lists or multiple clauses which contain commas, much in the same way we use ' ' around a quotation which is inside another quotation. Otherwise, it can look very confusing with so many commas all over the place.
  6. Examples:
    • The vegetables will add nutrition to this tasty treat; plus, they contribute delicious flavoring.
    • We bought plenty of food; there was enough food to feed the whole school.
    • The cook wanted to add a little pizazz and spice to the dishes; as a result, the hearty food eaters were feeling hot, hot, hot.
    • New York City, New York; Los Angeles, California; and Chicago, Illinois are the three most populated cities in America.
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Since the dawn of time, people have been creating new ways to communicate easier and more efficiently. So when the word of mouth began to be used as symbols on materials, one would question where a pause was to be taken in a sentence. In the Christian Church, St. Augustine influenced many to use punctuation so the texts of God would not be misread. Thus, the spawning of the comma was started and the blue faces of readers were relieved without misreading the sentence in its context.

Know what the comma is used for. A comma is used to connect two independent clauses by using a coordinating conjunction. (Independent Clause, (coordinating conjunction) Independent Clause)

  • Ex.- I went to California. + I want to go to Florida.=
  •  I went to California, BUT I want to go to Florida